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Terms of domain registration

Înregistrare: Numele de domen .com se înregistrează minim pentru o perioadă de 1 an.
Anulare: După înregistrare domen .com nu poate fi modificat sau anulat.



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  2. _life_cicle_com_2
  3. _life_cicle_com_3
  4. _life_cicle_com_4
  5. _life_cicle_com_5
  6. _life_cicle_com_6
  7. _life_cicle_com_7
  8. _life_cicle_com_8



Domain register
10 28 $/
Domain extension
13 28 $/
Domain transfer
10 28 $/

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What does include the colocation service?

- Continuous power supply.

- 24-hour security and video surveillance.

- High-speed communication channels.

- 24/7 technical assistance and SLA warranty

Is the network port (Internet speed) guaranteed?

The network speed is shared with other clients on the same server