What is INODES and how does it explain the amount of files?

A brief description of INODES resources on cPanel hosting, what is it, why did you exceed this limit and how to fix the problem?

Web Hosting - cPanel / What is INODES and how does it explain the amount of files?

An is a data structure used to store information about a file in your hosting account.

The number of entries (inodes) shows the number of your files and folders. This includes everything on your account: files, folders, email messages, everything that you store on the server.

What to do if the INODES limit has been exceeded?

In 90% of cases, this is due to incorrect site settings. Your site creates too many files on certain operations. You should contact the programmer to check why the site creates a large number of temporary files and fix the problem.

If you really have a need for a huge number of INODES, then the easiest solution is to move to the next package, which includes more resources and INODES.

There are various reasons why there are so many files on the site:

The site administrator does not remove unwanted photos from the site or unwanted messages from the mailbox.
The site has a plug-in that duplicates several times the photos uploaded to the site at different sizes.
The site does not have a plugin installed that should remove old unnecessary files.

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