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3 ways to improve your website traffic

  Website traffic is a good indicator that can help you to increase the conversion. Do not matter what kind of website you run: an online store or a service store, you probably every day are trying to increase your website traffic and get more and more customers. The paid advertising might be a good solution in this case, but what to do if you do not have a budget for this? The answer is really simple, you can implement some tricks that are free and efficient. Make an email signature for......

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3 reasons to buy SSL certificates for your website

Protecting confidential data online is essential. That’s why a SSL certificate can be very useful for any website. A SSL certificate can protect your website data against robots and hackers, a SSL certificates protects your personal data, passwords and banking card data. We decided in this article to motivate why is so important to install a SSL certificate. The information that you will place on your website won’t be vulnerable to hackers, robots and other attacks. That would mean that cyber criminals will not be able to intercept data in transit. So......

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