Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting

Building a website comes with having to make a lot of decision like choosing the right web hosting environment. You might have made your choice, but as your website evolves, so should your web host. In this article, we will cover the differences between cloud and dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a rather new type of hosting but it is becoming popular among businesses due to its many benefits.  The cloud allows resources needed to host a website to be spread across more than a single server and provided on demand. Basically, cloud hosting will let a website to be hosted on a virtual partition of a server, instead of being hosted on the actual server. Therefore, an unlimited number of machines will be able to act as a single system. Since it renders its resources from more different servers, cloud hosting is more reliable. Why? Well, if anything goes down with one server, the other servers can make up for it. However, when compared to dedicated servers, cloud hosting may have a lower level of performance.

Dedicated Server

As you probably already know, dedicated servers allow all of your files to be stored on a single physical server which is literally dedicated to your website. This type of hosting is a lot more expensive but the main advantage is the high level of performance as you can configure it to your exact website need. However, in order to deal with a dedicated server, you will need a certain technical background to know how to make sure the servers has the specifics your website needs. If your website receives a high amount of traffic or handles private data like credit card information, then a dedicated server will ensure a high level of security for your data.

Which One Should You Go With?

Although dedicated servers are generally more expensive, the pricing is something you will have to compare according to the hosting company you’re going to choose. With cloud hosting, you will usually pay for the total amount of server resources you’re actually using. In order to decide which one you should choose for your business you should assess your website priorities and needs. If having full control over the specs, high performance and security is what you’re aiming for, then you should go with a dedicated server. If you’re looking to have reliability and no headaches with buying/maintaining hardware then cloud hosting should be the best option for your needs.

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