vds servers

VDS Servers

VDS is a dedicated virtual server with a technology that it is so different in comparison with VPS technology. The working principle of VDS is virtualization.

A VDS is independent and can not be influenced by a VPS placed on the same server. If you need a qualitative hosting service without any big initial investments, Amplica offers you the best VDS hosting services at affordable prices. Our team will take care about hosting services and you will be happy, because you will have near you a dedicated and a responsible team.


The features of a VDS:

  • The working principle of VDS is virtualization;
  • A VDS is independent and can not be influenced by any other VPS on the same server


Advantages VDS:
– is independent;

  • Is more affordable that a real dedicated server;
  • Has dedicated hardware resources;
  • the allocated space is not divided with any other clients;
  • You can install any operating system
  • The server configuration, reactivation and stopping can be made on online interface;
  • The resources are guaranteed, because of virtualization technology KVM


The KVM platform allows virtual machines to be isolated and ensure efficient allocation of dedicated resources.

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