Advanced servers


79.09 $
$ / month
  • CPU: 6 Core - 2.1GHz
  • Private network: 1Gbps
  • Public network: 200Mbps


84.74 $
$ / month
  • Server: HP DL360 G8
  • CPU: 12 vCore - 3.3GHz
  • Disk: 2x600GB SAS 12Gbps
  • Hardware RAID Controller
  • Private network: 1Gbps
  • Public network: 200Mbps


94.92 $
$ / month
  • Server: HP DL360 G8
  • CPU: 16 vCore - 2.2GHz
  • Hardware RAID Controller
  • Private network: 1Gbps
  • Public network: 200Mbps

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Do you need more resources than regular hosting, but are not you ready for a dedicated server?

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Operating systems

The operating system is chosen when purchasing the service and can be modified from the client panel by reinstalling the operating system

Do you need a personalized offer?

Depending on your requirements, you have complex solutions based on virtual servers (VPS CLOUD) or dedicated solutions. If you have a very high traffic site, you have dimensioned solutions to the site's needs.

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The best performance you find at Amplica

Anti - DDoS

It may be quite rare, but when you have a Ddos attack, Amplica gives you safe protection for your equipment!


Viteza de încărcare a paginilor din website-ul tău vor fi îmbunătățite. Dacă pui mare preț pe calitate și pe experiența utilizatorilor tăi, un dedicated server este ceea ce ai nevoie pentru website-ul tău.

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