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Amplica servers are optimized for Wordpress platforms to deliver a much larger site productivity, getting rid of routine tasks, as backup copies and platform duplication are done automatically.

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Hosting WordPress este un sistem de operare ce permite gestionarea întregului conţinut de pe site-ul dvs, dintr-un singur loc.Incluzind o mulţime de teme care sunt uşor  de instalat pe măsura construcţiei site-ului dvs, oferind ca instrumente  add-on-uri şi plugin-uri, dar şi obţiuni personalizate.

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Platforma Hosting WordPress vine cu toate actualizârile performante pentru a vă elibera de tot felul de programe dificile.

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How do I install WordPress?

If you purchase a Shared Hosting account, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress after signing up for an account. For any other hosting plan, the option to install WordPress with a single click will be available in the client control panel.

What are the advantages of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress lets you manage the entire content on your site from one place. It also has a multitude of themes, add-ons and plugins that are easy to install as you build your site, giving you almost limitless customization options.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world's # 1 content management system. Using over 30% of the internet, WordPress offers everything you need to create a website that is both beautiful and powerful.

How do I install WordPress themes?

WordPress themes are easy to install. Simply preview the theme you want to install and then select install. The theme will be downloaded to your account and will be accessible on your WordPress user interface.

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